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Family time has become more valuable than ever, as time-starved parents increasingly look to travel as a way to stay connected.

It’s making the family vacation a highly considered purchase and a significant investment of time and money that creates pressure to find and experience the perfect trip.

The untraditional family – some interesting information:
• More than 30% of children live in single-parent household
• More than 10% of families are inter-racial
• Same sex couples with children is increasing dramatically
• 85% of people with children likely to take a holiday, versus 74% adults without children
• 2 in 10 travellers are grand-parents
• 4 in 10 grand-parents take a holiday with their grand-children
• 8 in 10 trips are multi-generational including grand-children’s parents too
• Mums are the most cost conscious person involved in a holiday selection process
• Dads play by different rules – more likely to choose educational/cultural experiences and all-inclusive offerings – meaning they spend more
• 32% of children decide on the destination some or most of the time
• Children age 6-11 years have a very strong influence on holiday planning
• 19% of parent travellers believe their children are in a good mood in their normal day-to-day lives. This jumps to 60% during a family holiday
• travel contributes to general family happiness

What can we learn?
Put all these things together and it reveals a great opportunity for our industry to leverage the evolving family composition, attitudes and importance of travel so that we can more successfully connect with the ultimate audience — the modern family.

The Modern Family




Source: MediaPost Marketing:Travel, Gary Leopold – Connecting to the modern family 04.04.16